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The origins of FRIMEX GROUP date back several decades, to the cooking and traditions of central Mexico. It is here where founder Vicente Del Rio was born and raised, and where he obtained an appreciation for the flavors that form Mexican cuisine. Vicente’s vision began with FRIDA Restaurant in Beverly Hills, which he opened to the public in 2002. FRIDA Restaurant was built on the premise of creating authentic, traditional Mexican food, in an environment consistent with cultural traditions. Its main objective was, and will always be, to satisfy its clientele, with a commitment to customer service and five-star Mexican dishes. This mission has led to extensive growth and the beginnings of the larger FRIMEX GROUP. Now, Vicente’s family of restaurants has grown to include FRIDA Westwood and four casual FRIDA TACOS taquerias; in Brentwood, Pasadena, Melrose and the Westside Pavilion. FRIMEX also offers a large-scale FRIDA CATERING service and the annual TASTE OF MEXICO event, which celebrates LA’s finest Mexican chefs. FRIMEX GROUP’s priorities are simple: Customers, Quality and Authentic Mexican Cuisine. Its mission has always been to provide its clientele with delicious Mexican food; coupled with unique and memorable dining experiences. VICENTE DEL RIO
The origins of FRIDA Restaurant date back several decades, to the cooking and traditions of the central valley of Mexico. It is from here where its founder, Vicente Del Rio, was born and raised, and where he learned and obtained an appreciation of the spices, sauces and condiments that form the basis of traditional Mexican cuisine. Upon his arrival to southern California, which has one of the largest concentrations of Hispanics in the world, he was surprised at the lack of truly authentic, traditional Mexican food. As a result, he created FRIDA Restaurant, which opened its doors to the public for the first time in the heart of Beverly Hills.
Monday to Friday 10AM–9PM  |  
Saturday 10AM–8PM  |  
Sunday 11AM–7PM  |  

FRIDA parking lot


Near Nordstrom