Jared Vault

In an effort to source directly and cut out the middle man, Jared Vault's ten-person buying team travels the world and works with a global network of 400-plus suppliers to buy directly from the source. Due to our unique practice of direct sourcing, we are able to offer top quality merchandise at the lowest price possible. Additionally, because of our exceptional relationships with designers worldwide, Jared Vault is able to provide consumers with unique pieces that cannot be found at other fine jewelry retailers. Each Jared Vault store presents a comfortable, unpretentious atmosphere that allows customers to feel at ease with no pressure while purchasing. Much of the merchandise clearly displays price points so that consumers are not in for any surprises while they shop and can choose based on styles they like and pricing that fits their budget. Merchandise is constantly being updated so that consumers will always have access to the newest and freshest in fashion. Jared Vault’s staff of in-store jewelry consultants undergoes a series of training programs to ensure that they, like the buyers, are up to speed on the latest jewelry trends and are able to guide consumers through the purchasing process with confidence
Monday to Saturday 10AM–9PM  |  
Sunday 11AM–6PM  |  

12/11–12/14/2017: 10AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)
12/15–12/16/2017: 9AM–11PM (Holiday Hours)
12/17/2017: 11AM–8PM (Holiday Hours)
12/18–12/23/2017: 9AM–11PM (Holiday Hours)
12/24/2017: 10AM–6PM (Christmas Eve)
12/25/2017: Closed (Christmas Day)
12/26–12/30/2017: 10AM–10PM (Holiday Hours)

Park in lot 4 & enter through entry 4. Store is on the left.


Located at entry 4 across from Conn's & Jared Vault.