We are a dynamic and leading edge hockey retailer delivering superior customer service in the newest store and ecommerce experience. Our core philosophy is Do The Right Thing. We hire and look for prospective employees with character – integrity, ingenuity, and willingness to challenge the status quo. Our mission is to provide a better hockey experience while growing the game in partnership and collaboration with key hockey organizations and executing thoughtful methods that serve those who are most worthy and deserving. We are fast-paced to assure we meet and exceed the demands of our customers with optimal thought processes and relationships between our personnel and key suppliers. Technology and analysis, combined with straight forward communication, helps us facilitate discussion and feedback toward ongoing research and development for the latest and greatest products as well as improved inventory methods. In summary, we approach the industry with a high level of commitment and understanding to best serve the mission to advance the sport of hockey while delivering premier customer service and quality products in a unique environment.